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The Stone Circle.

19 Sep


On the way home from Terra Nova on Saturday last, (see previous post), we simply had to stop at the stone circle at Grange. Stone circles are fairly common in Ireland and stand as a reminder of our Celtic heritage. Considering they were all built 4 or 5 thousand years ago it’s amazing they are still standing. A testament to the skill of the builders. A people many like to think of as primitive… I think not!


This circle is the largest in Ireland…150 feet in diameter.  The largest stone is 13 feet high and estimated to weigh 40 tons. Some feat to move that into position. No heavy machinery in those days but of course people worked together to achieve community goals.


The entrance to the circle is on the east side and locals say the rising sun on the Summer Solstice reaches the exact centre of the circle. Others say it is aligned to the rising sun at Lunasagh.


There are over a hundred stones in all and the outside of the circle is surrounded by a wide bank of earth.


There are 2 other stone circles and a standing stone nearby but we were happy to spend some time absorbing the vibe here before heading off on the 3 and a half hour drive back home to Roscommon.


At Terra Nova.

15 Sep


Our builder finished on Friday…yippee! To celebrate we decided to have a day out on Saturday. Nine thirty saw us heading off to Kilmallock in Co. Limerick to visit Terra Nova…the wonderful garden designed and created by husband and wife team Deborah and Martin Begley. We were in the local village of Bruff by one o’clock where we dined at The Old Bake House Restaurant. Then a short drive to check out the town of Kilmallock. By two o’clock we were at our real destination just as the gates opened. We were’nt the only ones…


This really is a magical garden. It is only half an acre but due the way the garden is divided into several small gardens it appears so much bigger.


Even the small front garden is sub-divided into two smaller gardens. Each sub-division is totally different but the whole thing flows like a dream.


Every space is filled…even the gable end is furnished with lusciouscly filled pots of beautifully healthy looking plants.


Love this little pond which is totally covered in by trees and shrubs which creates the beautiful  dappled shade. Until you enter that little area there is no hint of what lies there. Love this!


The other gable end is also filled with potted plants. A little gift shop is nearby plus complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits.


We are now in the back garden at the Thai Tea House. So lovely to just sit here and sign the visitors book. A very serene spot…surrounded by plants with the sound of trickling water nearby.


Looking out to the garden from the tea house. Could sit here for some time but so much more to see…


Another gorgeous water feature…leading on to


beautiful Birches.


This meditating Sprite sits quietly among the plants…


whilst another plays a flute by the pond in the woodland garden.


A lovely sample of Martin’s  stained glass work in the Fairy House.


There’s so many more pictures I could show and so much more I could say about the amazing work of art this garden is but I will leave it there. If you ever get the chance go for a visit…it  will be worth it. I think it’s our fave garden…ever. Closed now for 2013 put it in your diary for next year. We intend to go back to see the garden in it’s full Summer splendour in 2014.

As August makes way for September…

1 Sep



As August makes way for September we are very busy here at Flynn’s Cottage. Haven’t been blogging or visiting blogs very much as all energies are now on getting the house in order.  Filling, sanding and painting are now the order of the day…every day. The builder is finished in the main house and is now working on the new polycarbonate roof for the conservatory. Much as I appreciate getting the work done I will be glad when it’s just us again. Seems like we have had people here doing various jobs for months now. When all is done our pockets will be empty but the house will be just as we like it.



We have taken time off for the occasional day out. As Andy has been working 6 days a week throughout the Summer our days out are mostly on Saturdays. Two Saturdays ago we went up to the Donkey Sanctuary in Castlebaldwin where our donkey Daphne had been residing since we moved. Sue had to tell us the sad news that Daphne had passed away recently. We had forgotten to leave our new phone number so Sue could not contact us.  It was strange in a way as talking about it later at home we both had a feeling going up there that Daphne would not be there. Some sixth sense was telling us I suppose. We did stay some time and had a lovely visit with Sue and the donkeys. Sue is just wonderful and has a heart of gold. A true treasure in this times of animal cruelty and neglect. These dudes are  trying to get at the biscuits behind Andy’s back…donkeys just love Ginger Nuts.



This is little Juniper…born in June…so cute…and so privileged to be born here.



This cutie came running when he heard the rustle of the biscuit packaging.



The lovely Daphne when she lived with us in our old place in Arigna. This was taken last Summer. R.I.P lovely girl.



Meanwhile this wonderful contraption has appeared in our shed. Isn’t it just beautiful!  It’s a wasps nest.  The wonder of Nature…a bunch of tiny creatures co-operated together to make this home for themselves. We humans could learn a lot from our animal companions.

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