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The Stone Circle.

19 Sep


On the way home from Terra Nova on Saturday last, (see previous post), we simply had to stop at the stone circle at Grange. Stone circles are fairly common in Ireland and stand as a reminder of our Celtic heritage. Considering they were all built 4 or 5 thousand years ago it’s amazing they are still standing. A testament to the skill of the builders. A people many like to think of as primitive… I think not!


This circle is the largest in Ireland…150 feet in diameter.  The largest stone is 13 feet high and estimated to weigh 40 tons. Some feat to move that into position. No heavy machinery in those days but of course people worked together to achieve community goals.


The entrance to the circle is on the east side and locals say the rising sun on the Summer Solstice reaches the exact centre of the circle. Others say it is aligned to the rising sun at Lunasagh.


There are over a hundred stones in all and the outside of the circle is surrounded by a wide bank of earth.


There are 2 other stone circles and a standing stone nearby but we were happy to spend some time absorbing the vibe here before heading off on the 3 and a half hour drive back home to Roscommon.

All in a day’s work…

9 Apr


Yesterday was a nice sunny day if a bit windy. Andy was away for the day so I decided to have a clean up of this area near the back porch. First to go was this Willow planted in the middle of the yard.


This area is south facing so it gets full sun, an ideal spot for a plant display. The dogs got the idea I was making bunk beds for their sunbathing. Sorry dudes!


Since we moved, two months ago now, the plants had been in this east facing spot beside the shed. Not ideal, especially with the fierce east winds we had for almost all of March.


The dogs stayed in their sunspot as the space filled up with plants I brought down in the wheelbarrow, although Lettie is looking a bit worried in this pic.


So glad the succulents survived the move and the hard Winter. I do love succulents…they are so resilient. Look at those tiny Daffodils or are they Narcissus? I don’t know the difference! Anyone know what the difference is? All my books are still in boxes so I can’t look it up. I could Google it I suppose…..


By evening the area was looking better and I’m sure the plants will enjoy the new position. Still loads more plants to move but that’s for another day. It will be a while yet before plants go into the beds. Things to take out, move about and all that sort of thing.


Evening time, table and chairs in position. All we need now is the sun to keep on shining and we can sit and admire the plants.


When Andy got back he moved some stones that I just couldn’t budge.


He just lifted them effortlessly…and smiled annoyingly all the while…


as the stone was positioned beside the new path.


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