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As August makes way for September…

1 Sep



As August makes way for September we are very busy here at Flynn’s Cottage. Haven’t been blogging or visiting blogs very much as all energies are now on getting the house in order.  Filling, sanding and painting are now the order of the day…every day. The builder is finished in the main house and is now working on the new polycarbonate roof for the conservatory. Much as I appreciate getting the work done I will be glad when it’s just us again. Seems like we have had people here doing various jobs for months now. When all is done our pockets will be empty but the house will be just as we like it.



We have taken time off for the occasional day out. As Andy has been working 6 days a week throughout the Summer our days out are mostly on Saturdays. Two Saturdays ago we went up to the Donkey Sanctuary in Castlebaldwin where our donkey Daphne had been residing since we moved. Sue had to tell us the sad news that Daphne had passed away recently. We had forgotten to leave our new phone number so Sue could not contact us.  It was strange in a way as talking about it later at home we both had a feeling going up there that Daphne would not be there. Some sixth sense was telling us I suppose. We did stay some time and had a lovely visit with Sue and the donkeys. Sue is just wonderful and has a heart of gold. A true treasure in this times of animal cruelty and neglect. These dudes are  trying to get at the biscuits behind Andy’s back…donkeys just love Ginger Nuts.



This is little Juniper…born in June…so cute…and so privileged to be born here.



This cutie came running when he heard the rustle of the biscuit packaging.



The lovely Daphne when she lived with us in our old place in Arigna. This was taken last Summer. R.I.P lovely girl.



Meanwhile this wonderful contraption has appeared in our shed. Isn’t it just beautiful!  It’s a wasps nest.  The wonder of Nature…a bunch of tiny creatures co-operated together to make this home for themselves. We humans could learn a lot from our animal companions.

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