These Wintry Days.

15 Jan
Snow covered Hawthorn.

Snow covered Hawthorn.

The weather is throwing everything it has in it’s arsenal at us here in Ireland at the moment. In the last few days we have had: torrential rain, thunder and lightning, high winds, frost and snow. The snow was beautiful but it was washed away after a day by the heavy rain. Didn’t even walk in the snow this year as I am lying low at the minute with a lung infection. The first lot of antibiotics didn’t work so I’m now on the 2nd lot plus steroids. That should knock it on the head.  Hopefully!

Snowy garden.

Snowy garden.

Despite the inconvenience of it I do love the snow. It makes everything look so fresh and pristine. I love being the first one to leave my footprint there. Makes me feel like I am walking on virgin ground. I love how it changes the light too, so bright and at night it gives everything a blueish hue.

Log stash.

Log stash.

It’s certainly the time to keep the home fires burning. I always keep this cupboard under the verandah stocked with logs as an emergency supply. During the day I keep the range in the kitchen going as this heats the radiators and provides hot water. At night I retire to the sitting room and light the little wood burner there. It gets so warm that I usually have to open the door.

Snow covered Birches.

Snow covered Birches.

There’s lots of indoor projects to work on when I feel a little better. There’s a pile of material ready to be turned into a patchwork quilt, oranges to be turned into marmalade, doors on cupboards to be repainted and a multitude of other tasks to fill these Winter days. If the weather suddenly turns to Spring my mind shall stray to outdoor activities. Lets see what the rest of the month brings!



21 Responses to “These Wintry Days.”

  1. salpal1 January 15, 2015 at 5:40 pm #

    Hope you are feeling better soon – and glad you are safe and warm. 🙂 I can;t imagine being so warm that a door needs to be open!

    • bridget January 15, 2015 at 8:52 pm #

      Thanks! The stove is pumping out the heat tonight, outside it’s lashing rain and windy again. Brrr!

  2. Helen January 15, 2015 at 6:42 pm #

    Get well soon! A shame the snow didn’t last – I agree, it is beautiful, especially at night.. Here the snow has lasted even less. Ah well, at least schools and roads are still open.

    • bridget January 15, 2015 at 8:49 pm #

      Lots of schools closed here today and yesterday. Yesterday because of snow, today because of high winds and roads blocked by fallen trees. Keep warm and snug. x

      • Helen January 15, 2015 at 9:11 pm #

        Same to you! It is bitter here – brr x

  3. Eliza Waters January 16, 2015 at 12:35 am #

    I hope you are feeling better soon– Stay warm!

  4. Anne Wilson January 16, 2015 at 12:55 am #

    Hope you are recovering by now Bridget, stay warm. I’m also ploughing my way through the oranges, twenty four jars made so far, just three more batches to go, hopefully they will last us the year.

    • bridget January 16, 2015 at 10:30 am #

      I’ve only made one lot so far due to this bug. Have to get on the case in the coming week.

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words January 16, 2015 at 2:37 pm #

    Sending you thoughts of getting well sooner ! I just got over what ever Winter was handing out this year, got a lot of crocheting and quilting done though
    I know its cold but your photos are beautiful, I would love to come see Ireland, one day, it is is top on my bucket list 🙂
    Take Care…Stay Warm….You Matter…

    • bridget January 16, 2015 at 7:20 pm #

      Thanks Maryrose! Made a start on the indoor projects today by making marmalade and sorting out my patchwork pieces.

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words January 17, 2015 at 12:23 am #

        a good start indeed 🙂
        I am putting my crazy quilt stuff together to start my internet class….
        been a while since I have done a crazy quilt so I am excited to begin…we had a gorgeous sunny day today….so I worked on cleaning up some gardens….
        and You’re Welcome…. 🙂
        Take Care…You Matter…

  6. Caro January 16, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

    I know how hot those log burners can make a room – my brother has one and it sent the entire family to sleep after a christmas lunch one year! Hope you’re feeling better soon, Bridget – it’s hard to rest when there’s jobs to be done but at least you’ll be indoors. No snow here yet but that’s city life!

    • bridget January 17, 2015 at 11:21 am #

      Snow here again today but the sky is blue and the sun is shining and I am feeling a lot better. Things are good! Hoping you have a good year ahead.

  7. Irish Solar (@irish_solar) January 19, 2015 at 7:54 am #

    Hi Bridget, I hope that you will soon be back on your feet again, it’s not nice to be laid low. Thanks for sharing the photos, it’s a little unreal for me as we are in Portugal where we have just finished a wind turbine building workshop with young adults and are going to reassemble it today. The weather has been beautiful here by Irish standards, the locals have felt it as a cold snap and can’t believe that some days I am stripped down to a teeshirt and light summer shirt! Today the wind has caught up with us – just when the turbine was due to be raised, we hope that the wind will ease and it will be raised becasue otherwise we wil miss it. Hugs, Miriam.

    • bridget January 20, 2015 at 6:33 pm #

      The thought of some sun on one’s back is very appealing to me right now. I’m envious! Have a great time. Hope 2015 is a great year for you both. xx

  8. The Earth Beneath My Feet January 19, 2015 at 8:25 am #

    Keep warm and get better soon Bridget!

  9. Willowarchway January 19, 2015 at 11:37 am #

    Hope you’re well on the road to recovery now. It’s still very white over and icy isn’t it? They gave -12 last night but I don’t think it was that bad? Roll on Spring eh?

    • bridget January 20, 2015 at 6:34 pm #

      It wasn’t that here anyway and has been thawing all day. So looking forward to getting out in the garden again. xx

  10. Beth @ PlantPostings January 19, 2015 at 10:30 pm #

    Sorry to hear about the lung infection–that’s no fun! It’s interesting to hear how variable your weather has been. Ours has been kind of like that this winter, too. Currently, we’re having a “January thaw,” which means daytime temps around 0-4 C (32-40F). Believe it or not, that’s mild for us. I enjoyed your snow pictures!

    • bridget January 20, 2015 at 6:36 pm #

      Much better now Beth. Still snowy but it’s meant to get warmer by the weekend then cold again after a few days. Real see saw weather.

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