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Images of Derry.

18 Nov



Last weekend saw myself and 2 friends from Ballaghaderreen Art Group in Derry for the Pride of Place Awards. We didn’t win a prize on the night but were delighted to be nominated by Roscommon County Council. We went up by bus on Saturday morning and returned on Sunday evening. The awards ceremony was on Saturday night…a wonderful evening full of entertainment and a gala dinner for 700 people. There was of course a lovely vegetarian option. Derry knows how to please it’s visitors…that’s for sure.


The City Walls are they most dominant feature of the city. They have been here for 400 years and are about 8 metres wide. On Sunday morning we walked the walls…as most visitors to the city do…it is a must.


Great views of the city from the walls. This is the Bogside…scene of much upheavel during the so-called Troubles. Thankfully all is peaceful now…



though it takes longer for some people to accept.



Lots of lovely discoveries to be made on the wall walk. St. Augustine’s Church was my personal favourite. Founded in the late 6th century there has been a church on this site ever since.





This lovely plaque is set into the footpath just inside the gate.



The church is open for visitors but as a service was just starting we stayed outside.



The graveyard is lovely…beautiful trees and very old graves here. I love reading old headstones…they can tell a lot about a place.



The inner city wall supports more stone slabs.


In memory of the long departed.



Back on the walls again…still the old sentry post stands here…



while cannons keep a peaceful watch now.



This is the Guildhall where we went to a craft fair on Sunday afternoon.



The Peace Bridge over the River Foyle was opened 2 years ago.



Wonderful mosaic in the Millennium Forum Building.






such vibrant colours.



There’s so much to see in this wonderful city I can only give you a small taster here. Best of all though is the people…so friendly…welcoming and helpful. Taxis are cheap…3 or 4 pounds will take you anywhere in the city. It’s certainly a place I will return to in the not too distant future.







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