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The return of Green.

16 May


It’s a wet day today. I woke up to the sound of rain this morning and on and off it’s been raining all day.  Not your soft Irish rain but monsoon like downpours. The garden is too wet to do anything  out there. I took this pic through the conservatory window earlier. As you can see everything is very green again. The brown of Winter did seem to last a long time this year. In this bed there is loads of Lemon Balm, Geum of which I don’t know the colour yet. Looks like it will bloom soon though. Daffodils which are just finished now and a few Roses I transplanted here earlier in the Spring.


Last week we planted our first tree here. A Victoria Plum… plums do well here in the North West…they seem to like the heavy soil.


Andy hammered a good stout stake when the tree was in. It’s always a good idea to stake trees as they establish better when they’re not rocked by wind.


When Andy sat down for a break Freddie decided to give him an all over head massage…with his tongue.


Better put up a picture of Lettie in case she gets jealous. Don’t think she’s too unhappy with the wet day! Crazy to be lighting the stove during the day at this time of year but that’s how it is so far this year.


Elsewhere in the garden the Cherry tree has loads of blossoms. I’d be made up if we got ripe Cherries. Apparently the birds go mad for them. This is a small tree so it could be netted.


The Hawthorn is also in leaf now…I love how the perennial Geranium has grown up closely around the trunk of it. Don’t know what colour flower this Geranium has…it was already planted here. Surprise gardening is the theme this year as a lot of stuff was already planted  when we arrived…just wait and see what comes.

As I write the rain has stopped…and the sun is shining. Hurray!  At least we have the longer evenings now so all is not lost.

Bye for now! I’m off to catch a few rays.

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